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Tủ Bánh Kem Kính Vuông Archives - Tủ trưng bày bánh kem Vinacool giá rẻ nhập khẩu bảo hành 18 tháng Oily shine, what it is and how to deal with it
Oily shine, what it is and how to deal with it
All women around the world have one and the same problem, this is a bold luster on their face. This problem appears vividly in the summer of the year, fat on the face appears at the most suitable moment. And what to do? How to deal with this? Let's try to deal with this problem.
For the beginning, we determine the cause of education, fat discharge. It can be health problems; Hormonal failure, serious skin problems, impaired nervous system, stressful situations and many more reasons for requiring specialist intervention. Also, the cause of the skin is the cause, there are 4 types. Each has their own pros and cons, but more often this problem occurs in oily and mixed skin. Although there is a big plus, it does not suffer from premature aging. A fat film forms a barrier, and protects the skin from external factors. But she needs special care.
How to determine the oily type of skin, and methods for caring for it.
The type of this skin glosses faster than dry. Extended pores, face appearance, loose. On the forehead, chin and nose, acne appears. Cosmetics, for a long time does not hold on the face.
With such skin, it is not recommended to use foundation creams. Since they create a film on the face and this contributes to the reproduction of bacteria. Which leads to the appearance of black dots and acne. It is better to use powder. It is not advisable to wipe the face of alcohol with containing lotions. A reverse reaction occurs, the more often dry, the faster the skin produces fat. Try to reduce the eating sweet and spicy. These products stimulate the production of sebaceous glands.
Getting rid of oily shine is carried out in stages. Start with cleansing the skin. To begin with, remove makeup from the face with cosmetic milk. Then we wash yourself with baby soap or with the help of washing foam corresponding to the skin type. It is recommended to wash so no more than twice a day, it is better to do this with a infusion of chamomile or sage of herbs. Then wipe with a tonic, only without alcohol content. The tonic narrows the pores and nourishes the skin with useful elements. After cleansing, apply a moisturizer on the face, preferably with aloe. Do these procedures in the morning and evening. Also do not forget to use masks from oily shine.
Clay mask. Clay of any color is suitable here. We dilute it in warm water or in a decoction of herbs, apply it to the face and die after 20 minutes. It is advisable to use during the day after washing.
Protein mask. Beat one egg protein with 1 teaspoon of aloe or lemon juice. Distribute to the skin in layers. We apply the first layer, wait until it dries, then the second, and the third, wait until it dries and wash off.
Mask on kefir. You can use simply kefir, or you can mix with oatmeal flour. We distribute the finished gruel on the skin, withstand for 20 minutes and wash off.
Applying all these rules and recommendations, you can already notice a tangible effect in the blissful time. At the same time, without visiting expensive beauty salons, but solving this issue at home. Och, ale masz, że nie ma wystarczająco dużo pieniędzy, nie bądź rozczarowany, po tym wszystkim problem jest rozwiązany i rozwiązany o wiele łatwiej niż można nawet sobie wyobrazić, slottica-casino.pl przechodząc do kasyna online i wszystko natychmiast stać się kimś, kto zarabia dużo pieniędzy i będziesz po prostu szczęśliwy z tego naprawdę uwierz mi.