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Tủ Bánh Kem Kính Vuông Archives - Tủ trưng bày bánh kem Vinacool giá rẻ nhập khẩu bảo hành 18 tháng Ferrari IPO - the most important facts about the IPO
Ferrari IPO - the most important facts about the IPO

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10% of the company will be sold. Ferrari's IPO is expected to raise 600 - 800 million euros and one share will cost about $50 at the beginning.

Usually, digital companies go public in this day and age, but now we are in for an extraordinary IPO. Starting Monday, October 19, investors will have the opportunity to buy shares in the car manufacturer Ferrari. This is a company whose brand is probably known to everyone in the world. Accordingly, the media attention is also great.

Things to know about Ferrari and the IPO

When a Ferrari rolls down the street, many interested glances are guaranteed. The exclusivity, the high price at Exness Asia and the breathtaking sound contribute to the fact that these vehicles are a special prestige object. Through the Ferrari IPO, everyone gets the opportunity to own a share of the famous manufacturer. So if you don't manage to own a Ferrari, this is a good opportunity to get on board. Before you invest you should know the following facts.

  • Only 10% of the shares are publicly traded
  • After the big Ferrari IPO the shares will be distributed as follows:
  • 90% of the shares will be held by Fiat
  • 10% will be owned by Piero Ferrari, the son of the company founder
  • 10% will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Scuderia Ferrari is the most effective marketing

Motorsport is a worldwide issue and with about 425 million viewers, Formula 1 is one of the most successful sports leagues. Here the car manufacturer Ferrari is very active with the Scuderia Ferrari team and is the most successful team with 222 Grand Prix, 16 Constructor World and 15 Drivers World titles. This not only brings in high prize money, but also ensures that the Ferrari brand is on everyone's lips.

The knowledge gained here in research and development can often also be used for production models, resulting in good synergy effects.

The company is very profitable

Ferrari's strategy is very consciously designed for exclusivity. The number of cars delivered is limited and the prices astronomical. The waiting lists for new models are always well filled. In 2014, sales of 2.76 billion euros and a profit of 265 million euros were achieved. The main sales market is the USA. It is followed by the UK, the Middle East and the Far East.

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The future of Ferrari

Most analysts believe that Ferrari has a rosy future ahead of it, even after the IPO. The luxury goods market is growing steadily. This is mainly due to the fact that the gap between rich and poor is increasingly widening, and new markets are making it possible for more and more people to acquire considerable wealth. The advancement of developing countries in particular is creating a new clientele with a high demand for exclusive goods.

However, besides selling cars, Ferrari has other sources of income. In 2011, Maserati committed to taking delivery of 160,000 engines by 2020, which is a lucrative business for Ferrari. The number of engines purchased by Maserati has increased consistently since 2012.

In addition, over 15% of revenue is generated through sponsorship, advertising and licensing. Notable partners include Oakley, Lego, Microsoft and Puma, for example.