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Tủ Bánh Kem Kính Vuông Archives - Tủ trưng bày bánh kem Vinacool giá rẻ nhập khẩu bảo hành 18 tháng Pregnancy-general information
Pregnancy-general information
Pregnancy is a special period of life of a woman who requires special attention to health and a healthy lifestyle. More and more become popular during pregnancy to engage in light physical exercises and yoga. Since it is always necessary to maintain spirit and body in tone, especially in such a period of life. After all, only a healthy mother can be born a healthy baby. Therefore, sport is always relevant. But here you need to do everything very carefully and right. It is best to consult a specialist - obstetrician who will help choose the right and safe exercises for the baby, taking into account the current state of health and physical form of the future mother, and also it is important to consider the gestational age. It is very good when a woman monitors her health, but it is also very important to worry about nutrition, because during pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester, a sharp decrease in immunity very often occurs.

The mother’s body creates the best conditions for the growth and development of the baby, however, very high risk of attacking infectious and respiratory diseases, especially in the winter season. This kind of disease will not be harmful to the future for the child, since the fetus is reliably protected in the womb, but it is still better to protect themselves, because during treatment you may take antibiotics, and this is no longer good for the fetus. Therefore, nutrition should be balanced and useful for both immunity and the whole organism in general. It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamins and trace elements that provide the normal work of all vital organs, because all these elements are necessary for the baby for his full and timely development.

During pregnancy, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene. In the modern world, there are a lot of infections that are transmitted through the hands. It is generally accepted that the flu and SARS are transmitted exclusively by airborne droplets, but is an erroneous opinion. Therefore, hands with soap must be washed, especially before eating and even if you did not leave the house. All because even dust may contain infected particles that can carry the infection. The house is also necessary to keep clean, since this is a place where a lot of time is spent. Wet cleaning in the room twice a week is a prerequisite for hygiene. You need to know that in places that a large number of people touch, so bacteria and infectious agents can accumulate there. Such places include door pens, public transport handrails, furniture and shelves in stores and cafes. In this case, it is always necessary to have wet antibacterial napkins with you. When choosing wet napkins, it is best to buy without flavorings to avoid allergies and toxicosis attacks.

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